Disadvantages of Home Health Care

Much have been said about the benefits and advantages that the concept of Home Health Care is providing to the diverse patients. Many individuals would prefer to remain in the residence while receiving specific treatment or recovering from an injury or illness. Despite all the advantages, there are some important concerns of home health care that must be underlined.  The first and most common concern is closely related with the caregivers. To be more specific, there have been numerous cases where deficient caregivers have provided substandard care to the patient. Moreover a potential abuse, neglect and theft may go unnoticed and covered. That is why it is imperative when opting for home health care, to stay informed and check the background and professional history of the providers.

Another potential problem may be the lack of Emergency options. To be more specific, the patients receiving home health care does not have a constant access to health specialists in a case of an emergency. On the other hand patients in a hospital or assisted living institution usually have 24/7 access to several medically trained staff and other additional health specialists. This represents a great benefit especially in an emergency. Individuals using home health care may have to wait medical help to arrive to their residence, which may jeopardize their well-being and health.  Go to https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ for free online quote.

The third negative aspect is closely related with the level of Accommodating Settings. Most hospitals and assisted living centers have incorporated the universal design. This unique designing concept includes various ramps, support bars and tools, handrails, seats in showers cabins, toilet safety frames, seat riser and many others. On the other hand, the process of installing these specifications into some individual’s residence can be a prolonged and costly process. Additionally, the psychological element needs to be considered as many older adults will refuse using ramp of other assisting tools for fulfilling their daily activities. Nevertheless, this has the potential to implicate a severe injury due to falls or other accidents.

The final major obstacle is the potential element of isolation. This potential issue is closely related with the friends and family network that the patient has. In case the individual does not have many friends and relative, the possibility of leaving someone at home may ignite a lonely feeling and isolation thus potentially causing depression.This often happens in situations with elderly patients. In some situations, a nursing home or mental health NGO’s provide a health specialists or volunteers that visit these individuals in order to embrace connections.  That is why when making decisions, it is important to analyze the disadvantages of this type of health care. If an individual does not have solid network of friends and family, they will feel isolated and lonely at home. On a final note, it is important to underline that the negative aspects of home health care are far outweighed by the advantages of home health care. However, every decision regarding home health care needs to be based on the individual’s current situation will be affected of the potential advantages and disadvantages.