Don’t Worry with Emerging Health Issue if you have Medicare Supplement Plans

All the Medicare Supplement plans enrolled after 1992 come under guaranteed renewable obligation which means that except for a certain number of limited circumstances, no insurance company can terminate your policy. This is more appropriate for those who enroll to a supplement plan during the six months of Open Enrolment period, since the benefit in this time is that no insurance company can deny you a supplement coverage plan for your pre existing health problems. However, you also need to know the particular circumstances when an insurance company can subject your policy under termination and this includes the following circumstantial reasons

  • If you do not pay your premiums
  • If the insurance company becomes insolvent or bankrupt
  • If the insurance company finds that you were untruthful in your enrolment application

However, out of these circumstances, if the reason surfaces to be the bankruptcy of the insurer company, then in generally the beneficiary or policy holder is offered with the issue right to select and buy a new plan. Again, while you are still within your guaranteed issue period, after your Medicare enrollment, no insurance company can ask for a medical underwriting and deny you from applying and enrolling for a plan.

Can You Get Medigap against a Lost Medicare Coverage?

It might happen that you may lose your Medicare policy papers, or you might have dropped your Medicare advantage plan or your Medicare, but even under such circumstances you are rightful of enrolling for a Medigap with your guaranteed issue right. However, in such cases you will do require few copies of your original policy papers in order to show your valid point while you apply for Medicare supplement plans. These essential documental records include:

  • A copy of letters, denials or even or even notices of your Medicare coverage with your name on it to prove your coverage
  • You can even take the postmarked envelope in which the Medicare documents had arrived to you as a mark of proof

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Under such cases it is recommended that you apply for a Medigap policy after your current health care coverage has ended. But you can also start a Medigap while you are still continuing your current Medicare coverage and choose to start your Medicare supplement plans after your current health care coverage ends, so that you can essentially avoid breaks in your health policy coverage. The Medicare rights under the guaranteed issue rights are under the Federal law; however there are many states which offer over the top additional Medigap facilities.