Confused about which Medicare Advantage Plan to choose for 2019?

You will need to consult the doctors thrice a year, but you have a long list of prescribed drugs that you have to continue for long. You have applied for a Medicare Advantage Plan but still, the costs are high. Is it that your Medicare Advantage Plan is covering the doctor charges and other services that you do not require for the time being? Maybe you haven’t chosen you Medicare advantage Plan properly. But there is still time before 2019 starts applying for a more useful plan.


First of all, know what a Medicare Advantage Plan before is getting one for 2019


Medicare Part C is widely known as Medicare Advantage Plan which is a combination of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A acts as the Hospital Insurance and Medicare Part B acts as Prescribed Medicine Insurance.

Medicare Advantage Plan help with Hospital cost, Doctors’ visit and other Medical services that you will get with Original Medicare. There’s more. They can also cover prescribed drug coverage as well as coverage for vision and hearing and can even cover gym and health club membership. But everything will depend on the plan you choose.


Final things to check before choosing any Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019


When you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019 make sure you read all the plans that are available and select among them the ones that will be benefiting you the most. Why not, after all, you will be paying some of hard earned for getting the benefits in the future.  Read all the details of each of the Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019 thoroughly. Read carefully the fine print, compare the different plans that are available, the cost structure and the rules and guidelines including the restrictions of each plan before applying for one.

In any case, you want to refer a specific doctor for your treatment. Then make sure to check the policies that offer the benefits from that desired doctor who is in their network.

Another fact, there are many people who want to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan that would cover their Prescribed Medicine cost. Then, choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers the whole specified need rather than choosing a plan which covers a part only. Also, there is various plan offering the same benefits. In that case, compare and choose a plan according to the cost-sharing.

There are many Medicare Advantage Plans available. So make sure going through all of them before choosing for one.

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Best Places to travel for Retired Seniors

The best part of retirement is having the freedom to travel without worrying about getting back to work after a few days. All you need is money and a list of places you want to visit. Most young people love to travel but when it comes to spending money on vacations, retirees contribute a great share. After leaving the working phase of their lives behind, retirees deserve relaxation to start a new part of their lives with a vacation trip. What can be more soothing than enjoying vacations on a beach, a lake, an island, a hill station or at a place with natural beauty? Here are some of the best vacation destinations that should be in your list.



Hawaii is a perfect destination for vacations as it is easily reachable for North Americans. The semi tropical weather of Hawaii is remarkable for a tranquil and peaceful vacation. The exquisite combination of culture, the multicolor long shoreline, the volcanoes and scuba diving in the depths of oceans is all one can ask for. You can opt for cruise as most Hawaiian cruise deals are not very expensive and you can enjoy five to six nights in reasonable prices.


Retirees who are looking for an adventurous travel destination within America should definitely consider Alaska. Just imagine witnessing the beautiful waterfalls and the glaciers sailing all around you, it is an experience of a life time. A cruise ship is the best option for senior citizens to travel to Alaska. Try Alaska as your next vacation destination and opt for an Alaskan cruise to have a memorable experience. If an individual is looking for some fun activities, Alaska has a lot of sight-seeing tours and outdoor activities for tourists.

Caribbean cruise

A Caribbean vacation is a popular choice among most people. I you want to spend the vacations relaxing at beautiful white-sand beaches, you can always count on the Caribbean. The beautiful blue waters and nice beaches make Caribbean a peaceful and perfect place to relax for retired seniors. However, it can be very crowded in the summers so you should try booking your Caribbean cruise in May or April and it is always recommended to book early to avoid last minute hassles.


Do you want to experience the historical places and Mediterranean weather on the islands? then travel to Italy which is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. If you’re a retiree wanting to visit Italy than Tuscany should be on top of your list. For foodies, Italy is known as heaven on earth as they can enjoy wine tasting, caponata, and the famous Italian Pizza. Sisley is also a great choice to explore in Italy, it is a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean Sea with breath-taking views. You can also book a tour for seniors explore Sisley.



South-east Asia has so much to offer but not much people explore it. There are many amazing tourist destinations in south east Asia such as Thailand. The capital of Thailand Bangkok never sleeps and will always have a fun activity to offer around the clock. This fascinating city is the center of attention of all the travelers traveling to Thailand. You can enjoy the ride of sky train, visit temples, grand palace and the view of historical statue of reclining Buddha. Pattaya is also an excellent place to visit and enjoy beautiful quite beaches while staying in resorts for very reasonable prices.

So, dust off your bags now and explore the world. Try seeing new places but always plan your vacation wisely to avoid high prices and chose places which offer good weathers and less crowds.

Make sure before you go that your Medical insurance has Foreign travel.  Find out what plans have foreign travel medical coverage here

Don’t Worry with Emerging Health Issue if you have Medicare Supplement Plans

All the Medicare Supplement plans enrolled after 1992 come under guaranteed renewable obligation which means that except for a certain number of limited circumstances, no insurance company can terminate your policy. This is more appropriate for those who enroll to a supplement plan during the six months of Open Enrolment period, since the benefit in this time is that no insurance company can deny you a supplement coverage plan for your pre existing health problems. However, you also need to know the particular circumstances when an insurance company can subject your policy under termination and this includes the following circumstantial reasons

  • If you do not pay your premiums
  • If the insurance company becomes insolvent or bankrupt
  • If the insurance company finds that you were untruthful in your enrolment application

However, out of these circumstances, if the reason surfaces to be the bankruptcy of the insurer company, then in generally the beneficiary or policy holder is offered with the issue right to select and buy a new plan. Again, while you are still within your guaranteed issue period, after your Medicare enrollment, no insurance company can ask for a medical underwriting and deny you from applying and enrolling for a plan.

Can You Get Medigap against a Lost Medicare Coverage?

It might happen that you may lose your Medicare policy papers, or you might have dropped your Medicare advantage plan or your Medicare, but even under such circumstances you are rightful of enrolling for a Medigap with your guaranteed issue right. However, in such cases you will do require few copies of your original policy papers in order to show your valid point while you apply for Medicare supplement plans. These essential documental records include:

  • A copy of letters, denials or even or even notices of your Medicare coverage with your name on it to prove your coverage
  • You can even take the postmarked envelope in which the Medicare documents had arrived to you as a mark of proof

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Under such cases it is recommended that you apply for a Medigap policy after your current health care coverage has ended. But you can also start a Medigap while you are still continuing your current Medicare coverage and choose to start your Medicare supplement plans after your current health care coverage ends, so that you can essentially avoid breaks in your health policy coverage. The Medicare rights under the guaranteed issue rights are under the Federal law; however there are many states which offer over the top additional Medigap facilities.

An Insight of How Your Premium Cost Determined Nowadays

Well though community rating, aged rating as well as attained age stands to be vital factors, yet some of these are losing their importance with the changing trends of the medical insurance norms and demands in the current political scenario. However, some of the factors which still carry potential importance and considerations when it comes to determining the Medicare supplement plans premium costing, includes

Enrolment Time

The best time for enrolling to Medicare supplement plans in the open period that six months from the date you enroll for your original Medicare, during which time no insurer can deny you a policy owing to your pre existing medical issues, disabilities etc, nor can demand for high premium rates. However after the open period lapses, you may even need to get medical underwriting to have a supplement policy that your need.


The location where you reside plays a vital role in determining the premium charges you need to pay for your Medigap. Insurers popularly assume the standard of living of the area and accordingly charge for premium.


Though not a compulsory determining factor for all insurance companies, yet many companies do follow age issue rating in structuring their premium scales. But for those who avail the open period benefit and enroll for Medicare supplement plans for 2019, they tend to be on an advantageous position at the age of 65 compared to those who wait until late age of 75 to get a supplement plan.


According to survey it has been revealed that there are many insurance companies which offer lower premium rates for women. Since according to health analysis it is said that women tend have a better healthy life and a longer life, therefore insurance companies stay at a advantageous position even after offering women discounted rates, since women claim less and pay for longer time.


Tobacco is the reason behind several health complications worldwide and it is no wonder why Medigap companies consider the consumption of tobacco by a beneficiary to be an essential reason for enhanced premium payments. As per a survey of the premium rates of several Medigap firms throughout, Tobacco users’ needs to pay approximately 10% higher compared to non tobacco users.

Households Discount

Many companies offer discounts for spouses to enroll another spouse of a policy holder as well with them. They can even offer discounts for any member residing in the same address aging above 18.